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Come and discover our NEW affordable range of knitting machines. Bulky Punch card is the machine that will proudly stand by your side to help you create some of the most beautiful garments in your wardrobe.These machines are exclusively made for (Reynolds Bros) under our own name as original BROTHER Knitting Machine, which share the same performance and Accessories with Brotherís corresponding models RBKH-860/ RBKH-868/ RBKH-260. Bulky Punch card Knitting Machine 24 stitch pattern repeat needle pitch 9mm 114 Needles The Brother machine is compact, with a complete range of function, it is easy to operate and the BRKH-260 knitting machine can perform a wide range of stitch techniques and functions.

So suitable for small company, private company, even for home use.

Bulky (Chunky) 9mm gauge The RBKH-260 takes a step in the right direction by providing 24 stitch punch card pattern machine that will knit those heavy yarns with ease. This machine handles worsted weight yarns and makes short work of creating chunky winter wear. Ideal for heavy weight yarns in the bulky range. Stay warm all winter with Afghans you create to match your Decor.

itís time to start wearing your garments instead of knitting piece by piece for months

Knitting Patterns:
Flat knitting, Plain knitting, Tuck Stitch, Slip Stitch, Fair Isle, Embossed, Weaving,
Thread Punch Lace, Plating, and Tuck Stitch plating weaves.

Pure wool, pure fiber, wool and acrylic blended yarn, various wool and cotton threads,
Thin threads, medium thick threads, thick threads, and wide range of raw materials etc.

Packed machine size:

RBKH-260 17Kg 132 x 30 x 14.5 cm

Prices are subject to change without notice.




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