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Circular Linker 14

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RRP: $899.00

Circular Linker 14Ē NS-8G
Special price Limited Stock available

If you have a knitting machine then you must have a NS-8G Circular Linker

This Commercially Built NS-8G 14Ē is made of imported high frequency carbon steel which enhance the Durability and reliability for high-speed performance.
The machine is simple operation which is especially for stitching & connecting all knitted parts together It is made of Expert Construction with Well-Use and Convenience and being the most Excellent Apparatus of Production for those Woolen Profession.
Model NS-8G Circular Hand operated Linker now can professionally Sew up Your garment in a fraction of your time and it is a real pleaser. And you can achieve that truly professional finish, too. Itís quick and simple to use, youíll save hours of tedious hand sewing. It joins the seams of sleeves, body, collars, bands etc. and can also be used for decorative linking. Just place the knitting on the circular point ring, which rotates as the handle is turned and seams are Linked together. Itís as simple as that. Why spend hours sewing seams by hand? When they can be Professionally linked in a fraction of the time

NS-8G Weight 32Kg 63 x 50 x 23 cm




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