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The HUSQVARNA VIKING® ER10™ embellishing machine is designed to create beautiful embellishments on just about anything.

There is no threading, no tension, and no bobbin, just five special needles that felt layers of fabric together by meshing the fibers, fabrics, yarns, and more with the up and down movement of the needles. This machine can also be used to create fraying and worn effects, on jeans and other denim fabrics. Move the fabric under the needles to felt your original design with textures and fibers. Personalize your garments, gifts, and crafts. It’s easy to place roving, fabric, scraps, fibers, threads, yarn, trim or any fiber or textile under the needles to achieve stunning one-of-a-kind effects. Use the HUSQVARNA VIKING® ER10™ embellishing machine for all kinds of projects; garments, quilts, cushions, throws, wall hangings, kids stuff, scrapbooks and more. Set your creativity free!

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