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Brother NX-200QE

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The NX-200QE is a user-friendly computerised sewing machine with a convenient touch-pad operation panel. It features 50 built-in stitches and has a host of features which make sewing fun and easy.

The range of features include:
F.A.S.T. automatic needle threading system
Quick-set bobbin
Presser foot pressure adjustment
F.A.S.T. bobbin winding system
Extra large sewing bed
One-step automatic buttonhole
Six-point feed-dogs

With a new aesthetic and slimline design and a host of time saving features, the NX-200QE is a delight to work on. Particularly suitable for Quilters with optional wide table also available.

Key Features

User-friendly design
The NX-200QE's function buttons are at your finger tips on one convenient, easy to use touch-pad operation panel.

Accessory compartment
The NX-200QE has a handy storage compartment that neatly holds all the NX-200QE's included accessories.

F.A.S.T. bobbin winding system
Bobbin winding is made easy - wind the thread four or five times around the bobbin, pass it through the guide slot and pres the start button. Simple.

F.A.S.T. automatic needle threader
Automatically threads the needle with the press of a lever.

Twin daylight sewing light
Seeing is believing for this feature. The twin lights eliminate the problem of shadows in the sewing area, the lights emulate natural day-light giving a clear view of your work.

Presser-foot levelling button
Keeps the presser-foot level for smooth consistent stitching across varying fabric thickness, such as at the start of a seam ot when crossing seams.

Quilting Stitches Mirrored

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