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Confidence™ 7470

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Reynolds Bros

Features & Benefits:

•173 Built-in Stitches
•Automatic needle threader and 6-second thread path
•Twin needle sewing -used to create decorative patterns with two threads
•Zigzag center taper -ensures that if you choose to taper your satin stitching, it will do so smoothly down the center of the stitch line and not over to the left or right
•A tie-off tack stitch is available for the start and the end of both straight and decorative stitching
•Bobbin is jam proof allowing sheer fabrics to be sewn with ease
•Exclusive *Drop & SewT M Bobbin System
•Exclusive 2 x StayBright TM Lights
•6 of the most frequently used stitches have a 1-touch button
•Stitch options include handlook quilting (gives the look of a hand quilted stitch); alphabet (with upper case, specialty characters, numerals, punctuation), 6 styles of 1-step and an infinite length bar-tack buttonhole, button sewing, different hem options and a wide variety of stretch, quilt, heirloom and decorative stitches (over 150 patterns)
•Mirror image -allows you to take stitches that stitch over to the right and have them stitch to the left
•Stitch width of up to 7mm wide
•13 needle positions
•Buttonholes are easy to do with an underplate on the buttonhole foot that holds the fabric firmly in place, especially useful on difficult-to-work-with fabrics
•Automatically determines the length of a buttonhole based on the size of the button you are using
•Memory feature gives you a combination of up to 20 characters -useful for saving stitch combinations
•frequently used,such as a child's name or a combination of decorative stitches
•Programmable needle up/down button
•Feed dog drop -allows stippling, free-motion embroidery and ease with mending-type projects
•When feed dogs are engaged, they move together in a box like motion improving the way the fabric moves through the machine
•Optimum power control -adds the extra piercing power needed for many layers of thick fabrics
•Free arm with accessory storage
•Carry handle that folds
•Audible and visual warning signal given if there is a problem
•5 Year Limited Warranty

*Drop & SewTMBobbin System is a top drop-in bobbin that, as you pull the thread toward the back of the machine along a threading path, it will hold the thread right where you need it -no more having to draw up the thread before starting to sew




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