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Brother PED-Basic

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Reynolds Bros

The PED-Basic allows you to apply simple editing operations to embroidery data (.pes files) created with our embroidery design software and to write the designs to original cards.

PES files can also be purchased or obtained from the Internet.

This product cannot be used to create embroidery data**. If you want to create original embroidery data, the "PE-Design Version 4" is available.

Key Features

Import "pes" embroidery from Internet files via card reader/writer onto blank embroidery card.

- Simple editing functions available such as resizing 90%-120%
- Realistic preview - view designs in stitches
- Print - template of design for perfect placement

For downloading embroidery designs only:

1. CD-ROM program files
2. 4M blank memory card (Original card)
3. USB Card Writer Box
4. Instruction Manual

PC Requirements:
- Computer: IBM PC or compatible (DOS/V) computer originally equipped with a USB port
- Operating System: Windows 98, ME, XP or 2000
- Processor: Pentium 133 MHz or higher
- Memory: Minimum 32 MB (64 MB or more is recommended)
Hard disk free space: Minimum 10 MB
- Monitor: SVGA (800 600), 16 bit color or higher
- Port: USB Ver. 1.1
- Printer: Printer supported by your system (for printing pattern information)
- CD-ROM drive: Required for installation

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